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Business Terms of Palmaclub GuideService:

This is an English translation of the German Business Terms of Palmaclub. The Spanish version is the only legally valid version for the general conditions of sale and for all other information available on this Internet site. Until its final translation, the German and English Business terms are an amendment to the Spanish version.

Participants in the GuideService are named in this text Pilot(s)

1. Rules of Participation GuideService

Palmaclub and its employees are not taking any liability at all. Participation in any service is on the customers own risk. Pilots with and corporal or mental disorders might only participate after consultation and written approval of the management. The customer declares with its registration to hold a valid pilot licence equivalent to IPPI Stage IV or higher and be qualified due to adequate and sufficient flying practice. In addition he declares to be holder o a in Spain valid third party liability insurance covering the legal requirements in Spain.

The pilot is responsible to close additional insurances if he desires. In the particicipation fee, there is NO insurance for the pilot included, nor is Palmaclub offering any insurance for pilots. We recommend to pilots at least a return transport insurance (e.q. REGA, DAC).

Palmaclub is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of the pilots material.

Prices and merits are calculated for one person.
For security reasons, the management is deciding for any changes in the program as excursions due to bad weather conditions.

2. Registration

Written or oral registration represents an offer for contract. A contract is legally closed with Palmaclub's confirmation of registration.

3. Conditions of Payment

Payment is either done 10 days before arrival by wire or in cash locally on the first day.

4. Annullation by the Pilot

The date on which Palmaclub receives the annullation in written form is base for any fine calculation. The date of annullation is the date of which Palmaclub receives the letter of annullation.

Palmaclub grants a right to annullate a registration without any fee until 30 days before arrival. The date of annullation is the date on which Palmaclub receives the letter of annullation of the registration.
If the annullation of the registration is in shorter notice, the pilot / customer agrees to pay the following annullation fee.

Till 20 days before arrival: 40% of the total bill.
Till10 days before arrival: 50% of the total bill.
shorter than 10 days before arrival in all cases 90% of the total bill..

We recommend an insurance which is covering those annullation fees.

5. Annullation by Palmaclub

Palmaclub can annullate any reservation due to sickness of the instructors or any other not forseenable event. If the management is annullating, the pilot will get a payback of the already paid amount pro rata temporis. Any additional compensation is excluded.

If a pilot puts himself or other pilots in danger or is disturbing carelessly the GuideService , the management is entitled to cancel the contract immediately. In this case, the participant is entitled to get a payback pro rata temporis which in any case is not higher than 50 % of the paid amount.

6. Expiration of Service

If it is impossible for Palmaclub to offer the GuideService or excursions due to meteorological circumstances, or if a customer is unable to participate due to illness, injury and so on, the customer has no right for back-payment.

7. Invalidity

If a provistion in the contract is invalid, this does not mean the entire contract is invalid.

8. Place of Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Los Llanos, La Palma, TF, Spanien

Los Llanos, 8. July 2017

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