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Take off and Landing Spots:


Landing Site  Puerto Naos (official):              W  17,908629     N 28,5844745

East of the beach promenade on the soccer field. Attention, thermals possible. 
With S Wind on the parking lot far away of obstacles. Approach on left!

Alternative Landing Sites:        Visit them before !

Charco Verde                                       W 17,899024    N 28,572583
(Landing in the little bay)
El Remo                                                       W 17,888568    N 28,5521906
(Attention telephone cable at Rest. 7-Islas)

Landing on the beach of Puerto Naos is not allowed. If landing on the official sites is not save (turbulences, many pilots, emergency), it might be better to risk a forfeit for a secure landing.
Landing on the beach promenade is prohibited. Please do  not walk with open gliders on the promenade.

You should pack your glider on the beach side of the promenade, leaving enough room for pedestrians (4mt at least).

Take Offs

Start Nº 1: Puerto Naos                                   W  17,902177     N 28,586762
240 m. W-SW.  Turbulences with S and Nord wind. Parking above take off.  Driving down to the take-off is not allowed.

Start Nº 2:  Campanarios                               W  17,869102     N 28,580566
Privat  cars must be parked at the end of the road. Walk ~ 30 mins from here.
-     800/900 m. SW-NW Alternative landing site in Charco Verde.

Start Nº 3: Jedey                                              W  17,883048     N 28,582477
650 m.  SW. W. Rarely used and might be overgrown.

Start Nº 4: El Gallo (1300-er)                         W  17,848952     N 28,6165694
1300 m.  W-NW.  Alternative landing  site in the soccer field of San Nicolas.  Before starting assure good wind conditions in Puerto Naos.

Start  Nº 5: Fire Tower  El Time                    W  17,925362     N 28,691611
1100 m.  NW.  Turbulence with south and eastern winds. Landing site at the beach of Tazacorte. Attention, strong winds may blow out of the caldera.

Start  Nº 6: Puntagorda                                 W  17,933593     N 28,7524074
1600 m. WNW. Landing  aside the Helicopter landing (W -17,994432; N 28,7799857). Flight must be authorized by the mayor. Attention: minimum glide ratio of 7+ without wind.

Start  Nº 7: Barlovento Costa                       W  17,793707     N 28,8385596
Temporary closed. 250 m. N-NO. Landing „Fajana de Barlovento“  10m, (W -17,788627 N 28,8430799). Attention, changing winds. Minimum  glide ratio of 1:3 without wind.

Start Nº  8: Cumbre San Andres y Sauces    W  17,834105    N 28,7512347 
2.140 m. N - NE. Attention: forming of lower clouds is already in the early morning possible. Wind direction and intensity may change below the inversion. Take off with low inclination. Landing  site  Puerto Espindola 10 m, (W -17.763525 N 28.811293). Glide ratio 1:5 without wind.

Start  Nº 9: Puntallana                                    W 17.743856     N 28.745871
430 m. N, NE, E. only top-landing possible. The former communicated landing site is not available until further notice.

Always happy landing!

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