Paragliding School FECDA / SHA

Do you want to have a unique and wonderful experience?
Palmaclub Aventura
is offering you this unique opportunity. Fly with our expert tandem pilots and instructors  above the spectacular landscape and volcanoes of la Palma!
No experience needed.
Maximal security!
Para GuideService
What is this?
It's a combination of holidays, flying and further education.
For who is it?
GuideService is directed towards independent pilots with title who want to enhance their techniques and know how and enjoy paragliding holidays in a secure environment without worrying about organization and meteorology.
Paragliding School
Palmaclub Aventura ist the only official paragliding school on la Palma. It is integrated in the traditional paragliding club founded 1995.
We are a team of professionals and the school has Spanish and international recognition.
Start courses and tandem education for residents.

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